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SIC - Study In China – An education service soul agent. It is an investment project of China-Bangladesh to set up Hi-tech State-of-Art Technology based institute in Bangladesh and develop collaboration with highly reputed Chinese Universities running major branches of Engineering to meet market requirements. The Graduates and Post Graduates and it’s Diplomas and Certificate from Chinese will not only meet present job market of Bangladesh but also future job markets in developing countries of the world.

Bangladesh will be recognized as Hi-tech skilled manpower provider internationally. Graduates, Post Graduates, and it’s diplomas and certificate holders from collaborated Chinese Universities of SIC will be able to enter directly into Chinese companies for internships and possible job offers on completion of study. SIC will establish Practical Training Centre with latest State-of-Art Simulators for the students of Power Generation, Power plant Operations & Maintenance (O&M), Railway and Communication.

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Chief Executive Officer

Head Of Dhaka Agent Office

He was a CSC TYPE A Scholarship winner.
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