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Apply for Masters Degree

Highest Education
Degree Obtained
Name of Institute
Field of Study
Qualification Marks/ GPA
Years Attended
Other Education Certificates 01
Degree Obtained
Name of Institute
Field of Study
Qualification Marks/ GPA
Years Attended
Other Education Certificates 02
Degree Obtained
Name of Institute
Field of Study
Qualification Marks/ GPA
Years Attended
Employment History
Work Engaged
Title & Position
Employment Duration
Major Applying For Master’s Major
  1. Electric Power Systems and Automation
  2. Thermal Power Engineering
  3. Renewable Energy and Clean Power
  4. Computer Application Technology
  5. Nuclear Science and Technology
  6. Material Science and Engineering
  7. Control Theory and Control Engineering
  8. Electrical Engineering
  9. Civil Engineering
  10. Computer Technology
  11. Transportation Engineering (Railway Operation and Management)
  12. Urban and Rural Planning
  13. Electronic and Communication Engineering
  14. Industrial Engineering
  15. Logistics Engineering
  16. Mechanical Engineering
  17. Material Science and Engineering (3 years)
  18. Power Engineering & Thermal Fluid Science, Nuclear Science and Technology, Management in Energy (Double Degree, 3 years)
  19. Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology
  20. Mechanics, Aeronautical and Astronautic Science and Technology
  21. MBA
  22. Management Science and Engineering, Management in Energy (Double Degree, 3 years)
  23. The Art of Literature (Chinese Culture Study)
  24. Applied Economics
  25. Law (Laws in China and International Business Law)

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

The applicant should follow the final decision by BCIT and respective university due to the limited

  1. Copy of NID
  2. Copy of Passport (if Any)
  3. Copy of SSC Certificate
  4. Copy of HSC Certificate
  5. Copy of SSC Mark sheet
  6. Copy of HSC Mark sheet
  7. Copy of Bsc (Engr) (for PG Cert in Power Engineering)
  8. Copy of Physical Examination form (Download)
  9. Bank deposit slip of Application processing fee
  10. Study Plan in China (in Maximum 2 pages)
  11. Picture

All papers would be in different folder & all folders would be under a master folder what would be finally zipped as applicant name and attracted bellow.

Example: [ Maximum size 5.00 mb ]

1. Each applicant should deposit USD. 100 (equivalent as BDT.) only for application processing fee and with application through Premier Bank Limited Account of BCIT (A/C: 0011100015596) and deposit slip to be attached with application.

2. Students can apply online through BCIT website and attached the deposit slip with other documents or they can apply in printed application form (available in BCIT Corporate office) and attached deposit slip with the application form.

I hereby declare that :
1. All information and materials given in this form are true and correct. Bangladesh China Institute of Technology Ltd. BCIT) will not be liable or responsible for any information provided by me.
2. During my stay in China, I shall abide by the laws and decrees of the Chinese government, and will not participate in any activities in China which are deemed to be adverse to the social order of China and are inappropriate to the capacity as a student.
3. I will agree to the arrangements of my institution and specialty of study in China made by university and will not apply for any changes in these two fields without valid reasons.
4. During my study in China, I shall abide the rules and regulations of the host university, and concentrate on my studies and researches, and follow the teaching programs arranged by the university.
5. I shall return to my home country as soon as I complete my scheduled program in China, and will not extend my stay without valid reasons.
6. If I am judged by the Chinese laws and decrees and the rules and regulations of the university as having violated any of the above, I shall abide by the decision and pay any fines and penalties.
7. I shall be liable to pay all the financial obligations including application processing fees, and if selected, will be further responsible for file opening fees, visa fees, insurance fees and premiums, tuition fees, hostels fees and cost of foods, books, materials, travel. All tuition will be paid to BCIT. I shall submit all financial documents relating to ability to pay and for visa such as bank accounts, financial instruments, asset information and documentations

I agree to above terms & condition.