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Internship in Japan

1. Price of goods

Internship is a system that allows students who are yet to graduate to gain experience in positions related to their future career or major by working in companies. Some universities recognize internships as part of education and give credit for it. Please inquire directly with the school about the availability of internship programs during your study in the school and the possibility of gaining credits. If the internship comes with an income, you need to obtain permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted. If you wish to do an internship that will require you to work more than 28 hours per week, please apply for permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted. This requires you to submit materials that make clear the nature of the internship to a regional immigration services bureau.

Differences between a part-time job and an internship

Part-time job: Work in which you are paid money for your labor. Internship: Work experience in which you are given a work opportunity that will be useful for your career plans, etc. Internships are often unpaid.

How to find an internship

1) University career advising office: Be sure to check the office’s bulletin board regularly. 2) Job search websites: These sites post many internships in various industries and occupations. 3) Dedicated internship agents: These agents are highly knowledgeable about the companies seeking applicants for their internships, so mismatches between students and companies are much less likely.

Status of residence for students of foreign universities entering Japan for working on an internship

When a student from a foreign university comes to Japan for internship based on a contract or agreement with a Japanese corporation or other such entity, as a part of the university’ s credit-earning curriculum, the status of residence will be one of the following, depending on whether or not there is remuneration, and depending on the length of stay:
“Designated Activities,” “Cultural Activities,” or “Temporary Visitor.”

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