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Zhejiang Normal University

🎎 Zhejiang Normal University

👩‍💼 Bachelor English Taught :
1. Financial Management
2. Business Administration
3. International Trade and Economics
4. Material Science and Engineering
5. Electronic Information and Engineering
6. Environmental Science and Engineering
7. Computer Science and Technology
8. Software Engineering
9. Mechanical Design , Manufacturing and automation
10. Transportation
11. Biotechnology
12. Applied Chemistry
13.Chinese language

☘️ Scholarship :

Type 1: Tuition fee: Free (Need GPA 5 in HSC)
Accommodation fee: Students will live outside the campus ( We can arrange the accommodation for student)

Type 2: Partial. Tuition Fees : 6500 RMB yearly (Need GPA 4 in HSC)

👩‍💼 Master’s English Taught :
1. Physics
2. Master of Software Engineering
3. Master of Business Administration
4. Comparative Education
5. Biology
6. Computer Intelligent Control and Electro Mechanical Engineering
7. Master of Social Work
8. Master of Public Administration
9. Master of Environmental Engineering
10.Geographical Environment and Pollution Control

☘️ Scholarship:
Tuition fee: Free
Accommodation fee: Student will live outside the campus (We can help students get low cost apartment).

🎯 Whatsapp/Call : +88 019888-90099 for help.
📥 Email your documents:

N:B: Scholarship depends on University Authority. We don’t sell scholarship. So don’t think that SIC is selling scholarship to students. Scholarship will earn by eligibility.

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