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Terms Of Service

đź“– SIC Terms of Service (TOS)


General Policy

  • All applicants could choose to apply scholarships through China universities or apply through SIC. If you choose to apply through a third party who apply scholarship for you via SIC, we are not responsible for any extra costs, damages, or any other legal issues.

The fees SIC will charge for the service will be divided into two parts:

First part, initial commitment fee when you will get green signal from SIC and SIC will start process. It’s refundable if admission will be rejected but application fee of university will not be refunded (* As per University Law). But if there is no application fee (some university doesn’t require) then full commitment money will be refunded if admission is rejected.

It will be charged before the application procedure and pre confirmation from SIC after assessment. By paying us the commitment fee, it means that you have agreed with our Terms & Conditions. Advance Fees & Refund Policy is mentioned below.

Second part, rest of the fee will be charged when Admission notice & Jw202 will come out and reach in SIC office. To collect Admission notice & Jw202, you need to pay rest of the amount in SIC bank account. After payment, SIC concern person will prepare your all documents for Visa.

The exact amount of service fee will be charged according to current dollar rate. The service fee will be paid within 7 days after we send you the electronic Admission Notice & Jw202/Jw201. SIC will not give guarantee the validity of the Admission Notice if you fail to pay for the service fee within the payment period. You can check your admission & scholarship details through University before pay the final payment.

  • Before paying to SIC, students should check “Eligibility” and “Required Documents” carefully. We do free assessment with expert who studied in China as well. So we can check your eligibility and suggest you the best option for you. We don’t take any fees for assessment. It is free to all. Apply for fee assessment, Click Here
  • All students’ information and application documents must be real.
  • Applicants who have got any forms of financial aid like Chinese Government Scholarships or China university scholarships can’t apply scholarships repeatedly. You should be aware of this before using our service.
  • Although you will have a high chance to get scholarship by using our service, SIC can’t guarantee 100% success rate for applying scholarships because the universities make the final decisions and they reserve the ultimate interpretation. But our success rate is 100% in University scholarship, Alhamdulillah.
  • Applicants should check email regularly and inbox of SIC in case of missing any information once they apply from SIC website/FB page/Office premises. Applicants who fail to check them regularly need to bear the inconvenience resulted from that.
  • Applicants need to provide all necessary information and documents before the deadline of the scholarship they are applying. Students who fail to provide documents and information before deadline need to bear the responsibility of any losses.
  • If any students provide any fake information or documents then his/her jw201 or jw202 will be blocked by China immigration police. In that case SIC will not take any liability of that student and the money paid by student to SIC will not be returned and the admission process will be cancelled. If student can provide right documents later then SIC will start processing again but money will not be refunded and process will uncertain.
  • If any students provide fake documents to SIC for admission processing and hide any major issue (For example, one of the students got admitted in CUMT in March 2018 intake but didn’t proceed further. In September intake 2018, he applied in CUMT through SIC ! This is a serious offense.) then he needs to pay a penalty fee of 500$ for further procedure through SIC and previous application will be rejected ! In that case, any decision take by SIC management will be final.
  • If any student applied through SIC and after a certain period of time if he/she wants to cancel the program, then initial amount paid by candidate will not be refunded.

Applicant’s Rights

  • Applicants have the right to choose programs. Subject can’t be changed after starting of application procedure. If there is any option from University, then SIC will help.
  • Applicants have the right to know any information including scholarship details before and during the process of application.

Fees & Refund Policy

  • SIC has standard fee structures and will not change randomly. Once the students choose one program, the fees for that program will be fixed when confirmed. In case of failure, SIC will return full amount taken from student except application fee if university charged. For safety, student can make deed in our office premises in Govt. Stamp paper. Deed cost will be bare by student.
  • Students need to pay advance 20,000 BDT to start processing for any kinds of program and need to keep his passport in SIC office premises which is completely refundable if admission is failed but university application fee will be deducted if university charges. Because application fee will not refund by some universities. Rest of the amount should be paid before getting Admission notice, JW201/JW202 with all necessary documents for standing visa. SIC will prepare it for students.
  • If any student is not interested to put his documents then he needs to pay 40,000 BDT in advance to start processing which is also fully refundable if admission is cancelled but university application fee will be deducted. Because application fee will not refund by some universities. SIC will follow university rule as per application process.
  • For International students, need to pay full amount to start processing through SIC Bangladesh office through Bank account/Western Union/Ria Transfer. This amount is also fully refundable if admission will be cancelled as per University policy.
  • Students can not cancel the process once it is started. If so then he needs to pay penalty of 300$ to SIC. If jw202 release then students need to pay penalty of 500$ to SIC if he/she will cancel in middle stage.
  • SIC doesn’t buy/sell scholarship. SIC is admission agent. So if any university will change scholarship policy then SIC will not responsible for it. SIC only gives information of running year scholarship policy. University authority is the only authorized institution who can deal with scholarship policy. So, if any university changes their scholarship policy then students can’t claim anything to SIC. In general, good University doesn’t change rules but students need to fulfill scholarship coverage conditions as per university guideline. SIC will inform students earlier while start processing if any policy for scholarship will be changed by university.
  • Any natural calamity like SARS, MERS, Covid 19 could occur during admission period. In that case student can cancel admission procedure but can’t claim refund because refund is only possible if student’s file is not accepted by university. Once a student start processing with initial payment, that payment will not be refunded until his/her papers will reject by university. Once accepted, students can not cancel admission procedure. If so, then student will get ban from SIC and admission procedure in China in future. During natural calamity, Chinese Government and University decision will be final decision. Students need to wait for final decision from University. If University cancel admission then students can get refund. If University want to shift intake then students need to abide by University decision. In that case University decision is SIC decision.
  • Students who didn’t pay initial payment but kept main documents, need to pay 500$ penalty fee if he/she cancel the admission procedure after acceptance by University. Otherwise documents hold by SIC will not be returned.
  • If paper is not accepted by University then students need to pay nothing to cancel the whole program.
  • Make sure all terms of refund before proceeding because penalty is must as per SIC TOS. Otherwise legal action will be taken against students.

Privacy Policy

  • We collect personal information on our Web sites, such as when you register for and participate in our online application & from facebook support team. We also collect personal information for our clients in the course of providing Web-based and email transaction processing services to them. We obtain this information via email and in “forms” that we host for our clients.
  • When we collect personal information on our websites, we use the information to complete the transactions requested by you, to administer, improve, and develop our sites and services, and for the other purposes described in this policy.
  • We do not rent or sell your personal information to third parties. We provide personal information that we collect for a client to that client. We do not disclose your personal information to third parties other than for the limited purposes described in this policy.

Disclaimer : SIC is a authorized admission agent. SIC doesn’t buy or sell scholarship. Even no one can do this. Only University has the authority to provide scholarship as per student’s eligibility and University policy. So get right information before apply in any Chinese University. If your scholarship will be terminated then SIC will not be responsible for it. SIC use to provide right information regarding scholarship. So take idea before apply to any university.

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