Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches in Krabi

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Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches in Krabi

The beaches of Krabi may not be a secret anymore, but they are still some of the best in Thailand. Whether on the surrounding islands or directly on the mainland, visitors are amazed by all the drop-dead gorgeous beaches to visit. Here, in Krabi area you will find Thailand’s first-class beaches: Breath-taking limestone cliffs, turquoise-blue sea and the fine sand beaches make Krabi’s beaches an ultimate paradise places to be, guaranteeing bathing pleasure at its best. With a seemingly endless selection of memorable beaches and islands, people often ask themselves what are the top beaches in Krabi?

For making sure your vacation becomes an unforgettable experience, in this travel guide we will show you where to find the most beautiful beaches in ​​Krabi and where are the best places to stay.

Consciously this beach guide will ignore the beaches of Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi, and we only share with you the best beaches near Krabi Town and around Ao Nang.

Railay Beach

Without a doubt, Railay Beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi. Here you can expect an emerald green sea, huge limestones and an endless sandy beach. Although Railay Beach is no longer an insider tip, still it is one of the most fascinating beaches in the Krabi area. Our tip: From Railay Beach, various paths lead to other beautiful beaches on the peninsula, such as the above-mentioned beaches Ton Sai Beach and Phra Nang Beach. For beach lovers this place is a true paradise! The Railay Beach is the ideal holidays destination and from there trips to Krabis island world can easily be organized.

Tip: The Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa is one of our top recommendations for Railay. Located very romantic right on the sea and also the modern pool area is an absolute eye-catcher. A wonderful hotel for exploring some of the best beaches in Krabi!


Hong Island Beach

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of Krabis, you should definitely go for a tour to Hong Island! Here, on the beach of Koh Hong, which is also called the Pilae Beach, visitors will find an ultimate postcard idyll. This place is the perfect spot for taking some wonderful Krabi beach pictures: A white sand beach that is shared by a huge limestone cliff and crystal clear water, which is perfect for swimming. Also, if you are looking for a beach for snorkelling, you are at Koh Hong at the right place: Hundreds of colourful fish frolic in the turquoise blue sea. On the island you won`t find any accommodations, but a trip with the longtail boat to see this magical place is definitely worth it.


Ao Nang Beach

The Ao Nang Beach is a reallyfamous beach of Krabi and it is located on the mainland of the province. Here, at this beach, you will find a wide selection of accommodations, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. In addition, the Ao Nang Beach is a perfect starting point for trips and tours to Krabi’s islands and often the start for island hopping down to the south of Thailand. Unfortunately, on the beach itself you will find lots of longtail boat traffic which can be quite noisy. Grab your bathing suit and walk up to the southern end of Ao Nang, at the point where the great rock rises. Here the ambience is really beautiful and additionally it will be more quiet at that part of the beach.

Tip: For affordable and beautiful rooms in an optimal location check out the Whalecome Aonang Resort. From there you will be in a few minutes at the beach!


Phra Nang Beach

The image of Phra Nang Beach is probably the most famous and most well know picture of Thailand. This beach, with its immense offshore limestone rock island is a real eye-catcher and there’s a reason why this paradise beach is printed in almost every Thailand travel magazine. Unfortunately and maybe just because of its fame, the Phra Nang beach is very busy and so a visit is only recommended in the morning or in the late afternoon, when the day-trippers have left the beach. For snorkelling you should walk a bit the beach to the north end, there it is much quieter, and the water is really clear.

Tip: Good accommodations can be found on nearby Railay Beach or if you like it more exclusive you could stay at the only hotel – a luxury hotel right on Phra Nang beach.


Tonsai Beach

The Tonsai Beach with its stunning rock formations, huge palm trees and its secluded beach is still an insider tip for Krabi. Even its very popular in the climbing scene, many tourists only visit the nearby Railey Beach and skip this hidden gem. What a pity, Tonsai beach is definitely one of Krabi’s most beautiful beaches. Although this picture-perfect beach is actually located on the mainland of Krabi, the Tonsai is only accessible by longtail boat from Ao Nang or Railey Beach. Maybe that’s why visitors quickly get a real island feeling. Tonsai beach is a real backpacker beach with some lovely hippy-bars for enjoying some drinks and resorts and accommodations for reasonable prices.


Koh Poda Beach

The island of Koh Poda is one of the most popular tour destinations in the Krabi region. Here on the island one of the best beaches of the area is situated. The offshore limestone island and the velvety soft sand are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and for shooting some wonderful beach pictures. So, do not forget your camera and snorkel gear! The tiny island of Koh Poda is accessible from Krabi by longtail boat or speedboat.

Tip: The excursion to Koh Poda is usually combined with a stop on Chicken Island.


Chicken Island & Tub Island

The beach of Chicken Island is an absolute highlight and it’s considered to be one of the best beaches in the area of ​​Krabi. If you love snow white sand and swimming in turquoise blue sea you are definitely at the right place. Especially at low tide you should pay a visit to this dream beach. Then the sea retreats so far that you can walk from Chicken Island to Tub Island! Since this beach is part of a national park, there are no accommodations on the island. Anyway, you can easily reach this beautiful beach by longtail boat as a day trip, the Krabi 4 Islands Tour,  from Krabi or Ao Nang.


Lading Island Beach

The beach of Lading Island is known for being one of the top beaches in Krabi and so it is a popular destination. Here you can expect a beach paradise like out of a postcard: soft, light sand, huge palm trees, imposing limestone cliffs and colourfully decorated longtail boats adorn this beautiful bay. Tip: Mostly the tour to Lading Island is combined with a visit from Hong Island. More about this excursion can be found here.


Klong Muang Beach

Krabi experts agree that Klong Muang Beachis definitely one of the most beautiful beaches located on the mainland of Krabi and so it is one of the most popular vacation spots in the area. Although there are a few great hotels, resorts and accommodations on Klong Muang, it is still really quiet on this secluded beach. If you love long beach walks and fantastic sunsets, this is just the right the place for you to spend an unforgettable holiday. In addition, Klong Muang Beach is ideal destination for exploring Krabi.

Tip: As a perfect hotel for an unforgettable holiday on Klong Muang Beach we can recommend the Nakamanda Resort & Spa. It convinces with a direct location on the beach, wonderful views, large pool and really lovely rooms!


Pakbia Island

Breathtaking limestone cliffs and crystal-clear sea water are forming an unbeatable landscape. Not for nothing, Pakbia Island with its fine sand and the unique beach location is always listed to one of Krabi’s top beaches. Here you can also do really good snorkelling and with a little luck to discover the various colourful fish. The best way to reach Pakbia Island is by boat from Klong Muang or Ao Nang, and is usually offered on the Hong Island Tour. There are no accommodations here.


Excursions to the most beautiful islands & beaches of Krabi

The islands around Krabi is fascinatingly beautiful. Some highlights such as the beaches of Koh Hong, Koh Poda and Lading island we have already presented in the blog above. If you also want to take a boat trip to the beautiful islands, check out the recommended boat-tours:

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